The Art of “Card Driven Game” Design – Why Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage is the best CDG ever published

By Fred W. Manzo, Gary Andrews and Harvey Mossman The cards in a CDG wargame are typically used to move armies, generate random events and produce some Fog-of-War. Now, while the Card Driven Game concept is generally considered to be one of the most important advances in boardgaming over the last 30 years, not allContinue reading “The Art of “Card Driven Game” Design – Why Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage is the best CDG ever published”

Cold War: Strategy – Event Card Advantages

Trying to Capitalize on Built-In Event Deck Biases in “Cold War” Overview Victory Games’ Cold War board game has a lot of moving parts and allows a considerable amount of latitude in development of strategies. It’s one of those “if it’s not prohibited by the rules, then it’s allowed” kind of games. It provides card play, diplomacyContinue reading “Cold War: Strategy – Event Card Advantages”

Cold War: Errata

Unofficial Errata for “Cold War” by Victory Games Rules Booklet Vital Region SP Increase Correction: Page 3 – Right-hand column – “(page 6, Joint Economic Growth Turn)” should read “(page 5, Joint Economic Growth Turn)”. Summary Sheet Destabilization – “Number in Deck: 4” should say “Number in Deck: 6”. Mole – “Number in Deck: 12 (4 affecting each player)”Continue reading “Cold War: Errata”

Cold War: House Rules

House Rules for Victory Games Cold War Degrading Political Alliance – The rules are unclear about this, so the question arose as to whether or not you may, after establishing an Alliance and gaining Economic Control, then degrade the Alliance and still retain Economic Control. This is an important issue since the number of political markers (Faction,Continue reading “Cold War: House Rules”

A New Variant for GMT’s “Battle Line” Card Game

Battle Line – Ancient Battles By Christopher Salander Originally published on – Republished here with permission of Chris Salander Overview I was attracted to the Battle Line card game from GMT Games by the attractive box art and pictures of ancient warriors from the Greek-Persian-Macedonian era illustrated on the cards. However, I was very disappointed to discover thatContinue reading “A New Variant for GMT’s “Battle Line” Card Game”

Vietnam: 1965-1975 Record Sheets (Player Aids)

Player Aids for Victory Games “Vietnam: 1965-1975” Board Game NLF, US and ARVN Record Sheets These record sheets provide a more organized bookkeeping space than the one that originally shipped with the game. They’re not perfect, but they are considerably better at helping you track the sometimes complex bookkeeping tasks. These sheets do not holdContinue reading “Vietnam: 1965-1975 Record Sheets (Player Aids)”

The Tide at Sunrise: Naval Rules (Review)

Review of the Optional Naval Rules in “The Tide at Sunrise” The Tide at Sunrise, a recent board game release from Multiman Publishing covering the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05, has quite a following among war gamers, myself included. In the standard rules, the entire Naval aspect of the war is totally abstracted out to aContinue reading “The Tide at Sunrise: Naval Rules (Review)”