Raid on Iran: 30 Years Later (Review)

Review of the 1980 Steve Jackson classic, Raid on Iran Overview I was rummaging through my old game archives and found a game that I haven’t played in a few years: Raid on Iran by Steven Jackson Games, published in 1980 (OK, so it’s actually “31 Years Later”). I was living in Tustin, CA in 1980 and foundContinue reading “Raid on Iran: 30 Years Later (Review)”

Raid on Iran: Player Aids

Player Aid Sheet This Player Aid Sheet allows for tracking of the following important Raid on Iran information: Game Turn – Pretty basic thing to keep track of. Now you have a place to do it. Hostage Counters – Track the contents of all 10 hostage counters. U.S. Helicopter Chart – Scheduled arrival turn, Turn called, Arrival Turn #, TotalContinue reading “Raid on Iran: Player Aids”

Andean Abyss: Board Game Preview

Preview of GMT’s upcoming title Andean Abyss By Mike Owens Overview Andean Abyss is the forthcoming game in GMT’s new COIN [Counterinsurgency] series. Designed by Volko Ruhnke, Andean Abyss is a one-to-four player game simulating the political, military and economic struggle for the control of Colombia in the mid 1990’s. The game represents that era of Colombian history justContinue reading “Andean Abyss: Board Game Preview”

The Tide at Sunrise – Taking Down Port Arthur (Strategy)

A Japanese Tactical Plan for Taking Down Port Arthur in “The Tide at Sunrise” By Bob Zmaczynski Overview If you subscribe to the theory that Japanese success in The Tide at Sunrise is dependent on how quickly Port Arthur falls, the next question is, “So, how do you take down Port Arthur quickly?” This article presents an unorthodox (someContinue reading “The Tide at Sunrise – Taking Down Port Arthur (Strategy)”

Caesar’s Gallic War: Strategy Guide

Helpful Hints for Worthington Games’ Caesar’s Gallic War By Daniel Berger (Designer) Guest columnist Daniel Berger, designer of Caesar’s Gallic War for Worthington Games, pens some useful strategy tips for ‘The Boardgaming Life’ readers. Background Caesar’s Gallic War is a two-player game that covers Julius Caesar’s conquest of Gaul from 58 to 51 BC. One person playsContinue reading “Caesar’s Gallic War: Strategy Guide”