The Trouble with Kuwait: Gulf Strike (Strategy)

Strategies for Scenario #1 in Victory Games’ Gulf Strike Board Game Overview Long before Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi army brought the horrors of war to the kingdom of Kuwait, there was a company called Victory Games and a designer named Mark Herman who postulated that it would likely be Iran who would incite a major war in the Persian GulfContinue reading “The Trouble with Kuwait: Gulf Strike (Strategy)”

Dancing Through Raindrops – Design Philosopy and the Board Game “In Magnificent Style”

By Hermann Luttmann Dancing Through Raindrops… and Musket Balls… and Cannon Balls… In Magnificent Style is the first in the new Death or Glory! series of games from Victory Point Games depicting various famous “forlorn hope” attacks of history. This is my fourth published design for VPG and you may be wondering “How the heck did he manage to getContinue reading “Dancing Through Raindrops – Design Philosopy and the Board Game “In Magnificent Style””

1812: The Invasion of Canada – Board Game Review

Review of Academy Games’ Recent Game of the 1812 Invasion of Canada By Harvey Mossman Overview The comedian Kathleen Madigan quipped that Canada is like America’s attic- you forget that it is up there until you go and see all the cool things it has. In the first hundred years of our nation that was most certainlyContinue reading “1812: The Invasion of Canada – Board Game Review”