Blocks in the West- A Boardgaming Life Review by Harvey Mossman

I must admit to being a bit of a “Blockhead” when it comes to wargaming because blocks eloquently address issues of fog of war and step reduction in one simple design element.  Blocks in the West, VentoNuovo Games’ Western companion to their Blocks in the East, borrows much from games that have come before it,Continue reading “Blocks in the West- A Boardgaming Life Review by Harvey Mossman”

A Spoiled Victory, A Boardgaming Life Review

by Mitch Freedman Game Design: Paul Fish and Hermann Luttmann Publisher: White Dog Games!dunkirk/c1qjs Here’s what you need to know before anything else. Games are what they are, and this is a solitaire game.  You aren’t going to outwit an opponent, you aren’t going to cheat anyone but yourself. And your battle is not againstContinue reading “A Spoiled Victory, A Boardgaming Life Review”