Waterloo 200: A Board gaming Life Review

By Paul Comben Publisher Vento Nuovo Games Designer Emanuele Santandrea (Some images courtesy of BoardgameGeek.com)   Inevitably, some games on some subjects have us searching around our catalogue of game play experience looking for the most apposite terms of reference. However, from time to time you get a game that really does not put usContinue reading “Waterloo 200: A Board gaming Life Review”

Masuria: Tannenberg’s Little Brother – The Boardgaming Life Review

by Russ Lockwood Designer: Chris Perello  Publisher Decision Games Being on a WWI kick the last few years, I’ve been picking up various wargames and they seem to be of two kinds — monster games like 1914: Offensive a outrance, its ‘Serbia Must Die’ brother, and Balance of Powers, and small games like Decision Games’Continue reading “Masuria: Tannenberg’s Little Brother – The Boardgaming Life Review”