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Hard Knocks: Alsace 1945 Scenario 1

A BoardgamimgLife After action Report

by Russ Lockwood

DesignerBrian L. Knipple
ArtistPeggy Gordon, Terry Moore Strickland
PublisherAvalanche Press Ltd.

                I bought this Avalanche Press wargame of WWII — covering attack and counterattack in southeastern France circa late 1944-early 1945 — a few years ago in an HMGS flea market. It looked good, it was small, and it was unpunched. Since then, I carried it around from time to time to open gaming at concentions and basements, but never quite found the time to pop out the counters — until a recent Tuesday afternoon.

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Blitz! Clever Design on a WW II Global Scale

By Russ Lockwood

Designer: Dave LeLacheur

Publisher: Compass Games

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To create a global WWII wargame like Blitz! A World in Conflict (Compass Games, $84, released November 2015) means you have to think big — really big. That requires some compromises in terms of physical components and mechanics.

Space proved one concern. If you want to battle across the world on a 3-foot by 2-foot map, you’re not going to model every scrap of terrain or every unit that took part.  Risk has a variety of global versions, although not a WWII version that I’m aware of.  The most popular WWII wargame of a global type, Axis and Allies, simplified all units into one-hit wonders (OK, battleships are two-hit wonders). Forget the nuances we came to expect from reading about WWII — the game was materialschlact and luck at its finest. It took a long afternoon to play.  The successor A&A versions, where you butt the Europe version up against the Pacific version, added a little more nuance, but not much. It also took 12 to 14 hours to fight the entire war.

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