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fatdog_logoNewThe BoardgamingLife is dedicated to the hobby of historical and conflict simulation gaming. Our only interest is to promote the hobby and serve as a resource for game reviews, strategy analysis, after action reports, and historical articles related to the general gaming community.

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  1. Sir

    We met last year at CSW Expo 2015 and you play tested our
    Joshua: Hebrews vs, Pagans game. You told me to send you
    a blurb when the game was 100% done and ready to order.

    Here is the website url:


    Here is the blurb for Joshua:

    In Joshua: Hebrews vs Pagans; will you like Joshua conquer the Promised Land?
    Will you avoid the Sin of Achen and the Plague of Peor? Will you be tricked by
    the Gibeonites? Will Caleb and Othneil be at your right and left hand? Will the
    Ark of the Covenant remain safely in the hands of Eleazar, Phineas, and the
    Levites? Will 1 of your soldiers put to flight a 1,000 of the enemy?

    As the Pagans, how long will Ai hold out? Will you keep Balam the Son of Beor
    from Hebrew justice? Will you unite to defeat the Hebrews? Will you take
    advantage of Hidden Movement, Concealed Pieces, Fortified Cities, and Siege
    Sorties? Will you utilize off-board Ambushes, the Iron Chariots of the
    Canaanites, and the might of the Philistine Anakin to drive the Hebrew invaders
    back across the Jordan River?


    Michael Day

  2. Hello, my name is David Heath and I am the owner of Lock ‘n Load Publishing. I acquired the company about three ago and we have just received our shipment of over 25+ titles. We like to know if you do reviews or interviews and if you would be interested in our games.

  3. I am trying to find contact information for Mark D., who has written a review of Victory Games’ NATO: The Next War In Europe, a game that I designed. Compass Games has asked me to reissue the game, and I would love to speak with Mark about his experience with the game and get his suggestions for improvement. Please forward this to him, and ask him to contact me at bruce@brucmaxwell.com with the subject line “NATO”.

    Many Thanks!

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