Pericles – The Peloponnesian Wars

“We will leave this war to our children “, King Archidamus’ prophetic retort to the Spartan assembly at the opening of the 2nd Peloponnesian war sounded the alarm that the conflict would be generational. His compatriots did not agree and thought an easy victory would be had, yet the war lasted 27 years, cost thousands of lives and fundamentally changed the Greek civilization. How do you simulate such a cataclysmic event? Wargame designers have tried for years to simulate this tragic epic. Now, acclaimed designer Mark Herman brings us a fresh perspective on both the 1st and 2nd Peloponnesian wars, seamlessly meshing the politics of the polis with the wider military conflicts in a unique design that captures the challenges of the era.

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the game is not about one battle, or a series of battles, rather, this is a game where players may fight any particular battle of the Punic Wars they desire, or they can slog their way through entire campaigns. An expansion of the game introduces the Greeks and Persians, allowing participants to march with Leonidas into glory at Thermopylae or to campaign with Alexander as he marched east to humble the mighty Persian Empire.

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