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Duel of Eagles – Board Game Errata

Designer Errata and Clarifications for Duel of Eagles

by Hermann Luttmann

Duel of Eagles: Board Game Preview
Hey all! I hope you’re enjoying the game. The reviews have been very positive so far and I’m really thrilled. Thanks for your support. Here’s a comprehensive list of things that may need clarifying and couple of small errors.
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“Dawn of the Zeds” Board Game Erratum – 03-26-2013

Dawn of the Zeds Errata

by Victory Point Games

1. In 3.1 (Tutorial Scenario), the last sentence to the Scenario Specific Rule has been changed:
“When Fate cards ([11.0], page 21) result in a Tunnel Track location, choose any other Track (i.e., “Player’s choice”).”
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