Duel of Eagles – Board Game Errata

Designer Errata and Clarifications for Duel of Eagles

by Hermann Luttmann

Duel of Eagles: Board Game Preview
Hey all! I hope you’re enjoying the game. The reviews have been very positive so far and I’m really thrilled. Thanks for your support. Here’s a comprehensive list of things that may need clarifying and couple of small errors.

1) In the Comprehensive Example of Play, I erroneously stated at the end of the example that the French 1/1/II unit that gets retreated out of Flavigny receives a “Shaken” marker for losing the Assault combat. Since it already had a “Shaken” marker when it was beaten, it would not receive a second one (units can’t get two “Shaken” markers).

2) In the Important Points to Remember portion, the wording I used for the Recovery description (involving removing “Low Ammo” and “Shaken” markers) may have left the impression that you could not remove both from the same unit. You can remove one “Low Ammo” and one “Shaken” marker from a single unit but only if those are the only two markers removed in the entire Corps.

3) The Road Bonus only allows a unit to move at twice its speed – not quadruple. The Terrain Effects Chart stating that the Road Bonus is ½ MP per hex is simply a restatement (in a different manner) of the double speed effect. It is not in addition to the doubling of the Movement Allowance. Also, the Road Bonus is still applied when moving through another unit. In addition, Charging Cavalry cannot use the Road Bonus during its Charge move.

4) All movement along a Road or Roman Road cancels any Steep Slope hex side penalty. This means that when moving from a Road / Roman Road hex to another (and not using the Road Bonus), it always costs one MP regardless of terrain hex sides.

5) The “Bazaine’s Malaise” Event chit can be played on any eligible formation that still has an Activation chit in the cup, including reinforcements that are to enter that turn.

6) The “Feu de Bataillon” Fire Combat modifier applies to all fire, including artillery.

7) To clarify a fine distinction with Opportunity Fire and halting enemy movement when temporarily stacked with another unit. Rule [7.1] refers to all Opportunity Fire where that situation could occur, meaning non-Defensive Fire Opportunity Fire (in other words, Event Chits like “Krupp’s Guns”, “Beaten Zone”, etc.). Rule [12.3] refers only to Defensive Opportunity Fire and in that rare case where an enemy unit is already adjacent to your unit (and thus “in its face”) and another enemy unit moves through its space to continue moving onward. In that case, it’s assumed that the moving enemy unit would be able to shield itself behind the stationary unit (since it is so close to your unit).

8 ) A “passed” MT result is treated as a No Effect result and thus will not halt a moving unit receiving Opportunity Fire.

9) An Overrun HQ retires to any friendly unit, regardless of formation.

10) A Charging Cavalry unit does not have to have an LOS to its intended target.

Thanks and let me know if any of you have any other questions. Hermann

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