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Battle Line: Discussing Strategy with Reiner Knizia

A Battle Line Strategy Session with Designer Dr. Reiner Knizia

Battle Line Designer Reiner Knizia

Battle Line Game Box

Battle Line has always held a special position on my game shelf, which is remarkable because I’m primarily a half-inch-hex, hundred-page-rulebook, hardcore-war-game type of guy. I love the mechanics of Battle Line and often (loosely) compare it to playing nine simultaneous hands of poker. It was the first card game that I ever bought (on a whim) or played. And, brace yourself, my wife will actually play this game with me; another first. I have a shrink-wrapped “backup” copy should disaster strike the original, a distinction it shares with only one other game in my collection (Victory Games’ classic Korean War).
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A New Variant for GMT’s “Battle Line” Card Game

Battle Line – Ancient Battles

By Christopher Salander

Originally published on – Republished here with permission of Chris Salander

Battle Line Card Game - Title Graphic


I was attracted to the Battle Line card game from GMT Games by the attractive box art and pictures of ancient warriors from the Greek-Persian-Macedonian era illustrated on the cards. However, I was very disappointed to discover that the game mechanics rely almost exclusively on the color and number of the cards and essentially ignore the history that I thought they represented.
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Battle Line: Card Game Review

A Review of GMT’s Classic Card Game

Battle Line Card game - Title graphic

Doing the Impossible

Although GMT Games is known primarily as a “war game” company, Battle Line is really just a card game with military decorations. And I don’t mean that as a criticism. Quite the contrary, Battle Line has done the impossible: it’s a game that I can actually play with my wife! She has always tolerated my gaming without complaint, but has never expressed any interest in joining the fun. I finally got her to try Battle Line a few years ago, she beat me badly, and has been a fan ever since.
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