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Bar Lev: The Yom-Kippur War 1973 – A Board Game Review

Nearly 40 and Still Going Strong

By Mitch Freedman


Why would anyone want to read about a game that is almost 40 years old, let alone write about it?

Well, there are lots of answers. One of the best is that sometimes a game manages to give something that stays interesting no matter how long its been around. And while its not exactly fair to compare Bar Lev to Monopoly or Scrabble, it does have a cult following that has never died. On top of that, its innovative combat systems are still fun to play even today.

Besides, its not quite gone. You can still find copies of Bar Lev (designed by John Hill and published by Conflict Games in 1974) out in the world of E-bay Continue reading “Bar Lev: The Yom-Kippur War 1973 – A Board Game Review”