The Day Rommel Was Stopped: The Battle of Ruweisat Ridge – 2 July 1942.

Written in a memoir style, with a hint of a detective story in tracking down sources, the elder Jephson was able to collect information from the diaries of various British officers to supplement his own memories and the official histories obtained from the Imperial War Museum. This informal style highlights the journey of the former soldier of obtaining the truth about the battle and placing it in context of stopping the Afrika Korps from slicing through the El Alamein position.

Caesar’s Great Success: Sustaining the Roman Army on Campaign

A brief book review by Russ Lockwood

As all wargamers know, amateurs talk tactics while professionals talk logistics. Most books about Julius Caesar concentrate on the operations and battles, but this book tackles the logistics, answering questions about what the legionnaires, auxilia, and other troops ate while on campaign and how food, fodder, and other supplies reached the man in the field.