Six Empires A BoardgamingLife Preview

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Six Empires is a 2-6 player game of military and diplomatic strategy set in Europe, North Africa, and the New World in the year 1714. Each player controls of one of six empires, each with its unique flavor and play style. In addition to the playable empires, there are 17 independent nations, and any empire which is not controlled by a player remains in the game as a non-player empire.

Military forces are be made up of army and navy units, which are divided into six different types.


When moving around the map, your army units may move 1 space per turn, and your navy units can move three spaces per turn. Your navy can also transport your armies across oceans, and provide vital support for your attacks on port cities.

Battles begin by units engaging with units of their own type. Infantry fire on infantry, cavalry attack cavalry, and artillery fire at artillery. However, if you manage to eliminate any type of enemy unit, your remaining units of that type may attack any remaining unit of your choice! For example, if you route all of the enemy cavalry, your cavalry are free to run amok and tip the course of the battle in your favor.


Battles at sea happen in the same manner, with sloops attack sloops, frigates attacking frigates, and ships of the line attacking ships of the line.

On both land and sea, this battle system rewards players for maintaining balanced forces. If you lose your last unit of any given type, you’ll be giving your opponent a golden opportunity to strike where you are most vulnerable!

Each time you win a battle, your national morale increases, and you get to draw a new Morale Bonus Card which you can play to your advantage in gaining more units or tipping a future battle in your favor! Leveraging these bonuses at the right time and disrupting your rival’s chances for earning new cards can be vital to tipping the balance of power in your favor.

The military sphere is not the only realm in which the fortunes of your empire will
rise and fall. Event cards add excitement by triggering world events such as rebellions,
extreme weather, and disease outbreaks, and territory cards are used to randomize the location of these events


Taken in combination, these card decks add an incredible amount of variety and depth without requiring players to memorize a lot of rules. The card tells you all you need to know!

Each territory contributes Prestige Points to your score based on its cultural and
economic value. Some territories are move valuable, but they will also be harder to conquer!

Six Empires doesn’t require world domination or player elimination for victory. The first player to begin their turn with a score of at least 30 points while controlling every territory of their empires color, and at least one territory of another player’s color wins!

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