Aegean Strike: Player Aid

Player Aid for Victory Games Aegean Strike Player Aid – Game Info Tracking Sheets By Mark D. The Aegean Strike Player Aid sheets provide a convenient location for tracking of the following important Aegean Strike information: Special Forces – Warsaw Pact – There are 30 Spetsnaz detachments to keep track of (for 30 full game turns), which is a considerableContinue reading “Aegean Strike: Player Aid”

Aegean Strike: Review

Introduction The central scenarios of Victory Games Aegean Strike are hypothetical World War III contests, pitting the mid-1980s U.S. military against the powerful conventional forces of the Soviet Union, specifically covering the eastern Mediterranean theater of operations. The second tier combatants in this game are Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. There are scenarios that cover other potential situationsContinue reading “Aegean Strike: Review”