Battle for Baghdad Rules Questions

Designer Responses to Battle for Baghdad Rules Questions Responses by MCS Group Questions by Harvey Mossman and Mark D. Q: What are the Political Point Values of the Zones used for? They are mentioned in the rules in passing but nowhere in the rules or Example of Play are we told what their use is. A: This isContinue reading “Battle for Baghdad Rules Questions”

Battle for Baghdad: Board Game Strategy

Strange Bedfellows – Sunni/Shiite Cooperation in Battle for Baghdad For both the Sunni and Shiite players in MCS Group’s Battle for Baghdad strategy board game, survival is a minute by minute struggle. Faced with an aggressive U.S. player, both had better be ready to bury the hatchet (somewhere other than in each other’s head) if they are toContinue reading “Battle for Baghdad: Board Game Strategy”

Battle for Baghdad: Board Game Review

Opinions heard ’round the table: Battle for Baghdad We’ve been giving this game quite a workout out here on Long Island in NY. Most opinions are generally positive, but not all. Each quote block, below, is an (anonymous) comment heard around the gaming tables. I thought that gamers looking for information about this game might findContinue reading “Battle for Baghdad: Board Game Review”

Battle for Baghdad: Initial Impressions

A Different Mindset: Playing Battle for Baghdad Having just a handful of Battle for Baghdad sessions under my belt, this article can only provide some initial impressions of the game. I’ll attempt to provide a good summary, mainly useful to someone who has not played the game before, and provide some opinions of game features including examples forContinue reading “Battle for Baghdad: Initial Impressions”