Napoleon’s Resurgence- theBoardgamingLife Review

Napoleon’s Resurgence, the latest offering in OSG’s Library of Napoleonic Battles, presents the spring chapter of the second year of Napoleon’s ill-fated Russian War.  Including several battle scenarios as well as a small selection of mini campaigns, the game essentially covers the last best chance Napoleon had to bludgeon a nascent coalition of enemies into submission and to follow that with the signing of a favorable peace treaty.

The Year 1813 and “The Struggle of Nations” Comments on the Campaign and a Kevin Zucker Design

By the commencement of the 1813 campaign season, it seemed, at least at first glance, that Napoleon had achieved the impossible.  By any one of a number of measures, he had rebuilt the numerical strength of the forces he could command to the point where they outnumbered the coalition armies currently reaching across eastern and central Germany.  But, to a considerable extent, this was a delusion.