The Third World War (Series Errata)

Errata for “The Third World War”, as of July 10, 1984


Rule Book

Expanded Sequence of Play
1) The NATO regroup pahse was omitted from the NATO first impulse. It is the last phase in the impulse and should read, “NATO Regroup Phase: All NATO units which did not move or attack in the first impulse and are not in an enemy ZOC may regroup (7).”
2) The second echelon/breakthrough sub-impulse of the Pact first impulse should have a movement phase and a combat phase preceeding the regroup phase, and the note in the sub-impulse refers to these two phases.

ZOCs (3B): The following was omitted from the ZOC rule: ZOCs (other than airmobile ZOCs and the ZOCs of mountain units) of units in mountain pass hexes extend across mountain pass hexsides only.

Amphibious Evacuations (11B): The rule on evacuating amphibious units was omitted: An amphibious unit may be evacuated from a partial sea hex that does not contain a port. The hex must be in a naval zone where naval transport/amphibious assault is allowed for the owning player. The amphibious unit may be withdrawn from the hex and transported by sea to a friendly-controlled port. A unit that is evacuated immediately suffers two disruptions.

Surrender (19): The effects of surrender were not mentioned: If a country surrenders, all ground and air units of that country are immediately removed from play.


The setup information for the British 9th Attack Helicopter Regiment should be B-0113, not A-0113.

Orders of Battle List


  • 4 Guards Tank Army: “36 TD” should be “(5-6-3)”.
  • “4GTA AmobB (2-3-7)/PO” should be “4GTA AmobB (2-3-7)/1”
  • 10 Army: “19(C) MRD (7-7-5)/3” should be “(5-6-3)”
  • Western Theater Air Units: There are 2, not 3, Czech MiG-21s.


  • French: The setup information for the 5th Armored Division should be GE:A1709, not 1706.
  • Canadian: The setup information for the 4th Mechanized Brigade should be GE:A1408, not 1418.
  • Danish: The rating for the LG Mechanized Brigade should be 1-2-6, not 2-3-5.
  • Western Theater Air Units: The Belgian and Netherlands F-16 ratings should be reversed. The Danish F-16 was omitted: 1 Dn F-16 (4*-1-2*-M/5).
  • Turn 2 Air Units: The F-15E is US.

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