Cold War: House Rules

House Rules for Victory Games Cold War

  • Degrading Political Alliance – The rules are unclear about this, so the question arose as to whether or not you may, after establishing an Alliance and gaining Economic Control, then degrade the Alliance and still retain Economic Control. This is an important issue since the number of political markers (Faction, Alliance and Political Control) are limited by design. Using this technique would free up an Alliance marker for use elsewhere while still maintaining Economic Control. Our house rule allows this, because the game rules state that you must have an Alliance (or better) to establish Economic Control, but it does not say anywhere that you must maintain that Alliance in order to keep the Economic Control intact.
  • Destabilization and Political Control – The Summary Folder, under the heading titled “Attempt to Destabilize a Region”, states that “if successful, each opposing Alliance, Faction and Diplomat in Region is degraded…”. It does not mention Political Control markers. Destabilization cannot break Politial Control. You need a Coup or an Insurgency for that. Note: This is not a House Rule, per se, but it a game rule that is commonly overlooked.
  • Event Phase: Action Card Draw – The rules state that “Each player who has an Agent or Diplomat in the Home Country indicated can draw one new Action Card.” But nowhere in the rules does it explicitly state that the player controlling the listed Home Country can draw a card. In other words, if the Event Card says “Action Card: China”, anyone who has a Diplomat or Agent in China can draw a card, but can China itself draw a card? Our house rule allows the Home Country itself to draw a card as well, so the only players to be penalized would be players without Diplomats or Agents in the listed country.

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