Cold War: Errata

Unofficial Errata for “Cold War” by Victory Games

Rules Booklet

Vital Region SP Increase
Correction: Page 3 – Right-hand column – “(page 6, Joint Economic Growth Turn)” should read “(page 5, Joint Economic Growth Turn)”.

Summary Sheet

Destabilization – “Number in Deck: 4” should say “Number in Deck: 6”.

Mole – “Number in Deck: 12 (4 affecting each player)” should say “Number in Deck: 12 (3 affecting each player)”.

Master Spy – “Opposed By: Mole” should say “Opposed By: N/A (Cannot be opposed)“.
Note: There’s an errata list on that says it’s from the “Victory Insider” and claims that a Mole Card should be able to defeat a Master Spy, refuting the last paragraph at the bottom of page 1 of the Summary Sheet. I don’t think that’s correct. The Master Spy costs 10 SP to play, thus making it the single most expensive item in the entire game (“a superlative intelligence effort”). There’s no way that should be made null and void by a measly “Mole”.

Event Cards

Vital Region SP Increases – The cards specifying Vital Region SP Increase for Venezuela and Central America should be changed to Korea and West Africa, respectively. (Venezuela and Central are not on the list of potential Vital Regions)


Q: Can you establish Alliance, gain Economic Control, then degrade the Alliance and still retain Economic Control?

A: Yes. An Alliance is a prerequisite for establishing Economic Control, but there is no requirement that you must maintain the Alliance. Note that the same applies to Military Presence units except that if there is no “supporting” marker (Faction, Alliance, Political Control, or Military Control) in the Region, you must pay a maintenance cost of 5 SP each turn it is “unsupported”.

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