Raid on Iran: Player Aids

Player Aid Sheet

This Player Aid Sheet allows for tracking of the following important Raid on Iran information:

  • Game Turn – Pretty basic thing to keep track of. Now you have a place to do it.
  • Hostage Counters – Track the contents of all 10 hostage counters.
  • U.S. Helicopter Chart – Scheduled arrival turn, Turn called, Arrival Turn #, Total Turns Hovering, Hits, Disabled?, Out of Play? All the important stuff you need to track about your helicopters.
  • Iranian and U.S. Victory Point Schedules – Keep track of victory points earned/lost.
  • Other Info – U.S. Special Advantage chosen, Iranian Special Advantage chosen, Turn Iranian Sentries Alerted, Hostages Killed/Executed, Commandos/Crew Killed, Satchel Charges Used, etc.

Click to download Raid on Iran Player Aid Sheet in PDF format.

Custom Counters

I’ve also created custom counters that I believe are more functional.

  • Each Iranian militant unit, hostage counter and “dummy” counter has an Iranian Flag on its reverse side.
  • Each U.S. unit now has a reverse side that indicates if the unit has Moved or Fired for the turn. This is a more reliable way of keeping track as opposed to rotating the unit 90 degrees.
  • The U.S. now has separate and distinct counters for Air Crews and Wounded Soldiers. Now you no longer have to mix the wounded commandos in with the Hostage counters.
  • Each U.S. helicopter now has a reverse side that shows it is “Disabled”.

Click to download Custom Counter Sheet #1 and Custom Counter Sheet #2 in PDF format.

Rules in PDF Format

Contains the full basic game rules, Charts & Tables, About This Game, Historical Notes, and new Player Aid Sheet. Note that this document does NOT yet include the rules for the alternate “What’s Sauce for the Goose…” scenario. We’ll eventually get that transcribed and PDF’d as well, and will publish it when we do.

Click to download Raid on Iran Rules in PDF format.


  1. Just found my old copy of Raid on Iran that I bought 30+ years ago…I’ve got the whole thing but the counters, I’m unable to check out your custom counters, the pdf file just shows up as blank. Curious if they are still up. Enjoying your posts regardless!


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