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Labyrinth: Solitaire Event Effects Table (Player Aid)

Player Aid – Solitaire Event Effects Table

The Labyrinth Solitaire Event Effects table lists all the Event cards that require some type of specialized handling in the solitaire version of the game. Many of these Event cards are listed near the affected flowchart, without much in the way of explanation, some are included in rules section 9.6 under the heading of “Indvidual Event Instructions”, and many are just sprinkled throughout the various paragraphs of rules section 9. In any case, I thought it would be much more efficient to have them all in one place:
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Labyrinth: Intel Wars (Scenario)

Another (Unofficial) Scenario for Labyrinth

The Situation

Labyrinth: The War on Terror Board Game

In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks, western intelligence agencies received incontrovertible evidence of a WMD plot, in the final stages of planning, inside the United States.

In addition to the military mission of capturing or killing the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, and overturning the government that supported them, a massive worldwide intelligence effort is initiated to discover the operational plan behind the imminent WMD threat. America and its Allies must coordinate wars, counterinsurgencies, nation building, diplomacy and spycraft on an unprecedented scale. The clock is ticking…
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Labyrinth: Arab Street Rising (Scenario)

A New (Unofficial) 2011 Scenario For Labyrinth

Labryinth: The War on Terror Board Game

by Mark D., Harvey Mossman & Fred W. Manzo


In early 2011, popular uprisings begin to erupt all over North Africa and the Middle East as citizens fed up with decades of poor governance finally decide to take matters into their own hands. Jihadist organizations around the globe move quickly to gain influence within the various national uprisings and to spread unrest to other countries in the Middle East and northern Africa, but it is still not known how successful they will be. The United States must strike a balance between support for the aspirations of the affected peoples, and support for the oppressive governments who nonetheless represent stability in traditionally unstable parts of the world. World governments, both inside and outside the affected region, fear the repercussions of potential new Islamist states. Will the “Jasmine Revolution” bring freedom and democracy? Or Islamic Rule and Sharia?.

Note: This scenario has not been extensively play tested. It’s just a diversion that we whipped up to see how the game plays when modified to reflect the current situation in the Middle East and North Africa, and it has made for some interesting games so far. Also, this scenario is not designed for solitaire play.

Click HERE for PDF version of scenario instructions.


Prestige: 3
GWOT: US Hard; World: ??? (see “Special Testing and Posture Checks”, below)
Troops: War
Funding: 7
Good Resources: 0
Islamist Rule Resources: 0
Fair/Good Countries: 5
Poor/Islamist Rule Countries: ??? (see “Special Testing and Posture Checks”, below)


Syria: Fair Adversary
Iraq: Fair Ally, 2 Troops, 1 Cell (NO regime change marker)
Iran: 1 Cell
Saudia Arabia: Poor Ally, 1 Cell
Gulf States: Fair Ally, 2 Troops, 1 Cell
Pakistan: Poor Ally, 2 Cells, “FATA” marker
Afghanistan: Poor Ally, 6 Troops, 2 Cells, Regime Change Marker (Tan)
Somalia: Beseiged Regime Marker
Lebanon: Poor Adversary, 1 Cell, Beseiged Regime Marker
Philippines: Soft, 1 Cell, “Moro Talks”
United Kingdom: Soft
Russia: Hard

Special Testing and Posture Checks

First, test Algeria, Libya, Egypt and Yemen with the following modifications to the die roll result:1 = Islamist Rule
2 = Poor, Neutral, Beseiged Regime Marker
3-5 = Poor, Neutral
6 = Fair NeutralNext, roll Posture for each Schengen country, with the following modification:

+1 if Algeria, Libya, or Egypt under Islamist Rule.

In addition, each player is then allowed 1 re-roll for any Schengen country, Jihadist first.
After all rolls are completed, update the GWOT Relations Table accordingly.

Events in Effect

Patriot Act
Enhanced Measures

Remove Cards

Patriot Act (#43)
NEST (#5)
Iraqi WMD (#37)
Benazir Bhutto (#33)
Bhutto Shot (#60)
Anbar Awakening (#13)
Al-Anbar (#58)
Saddam Captured (#27)
Saddam (#92)
FREs (#51)
Tony Blair (#29)
UN Nation Building (#30)
Vieira de Mello Slain (#56)
Hariri Killed (#64)
Tora Bora (#109)
KSM (#116)
Moro Talks (#4)

Substitute Events

All the following Event cards remain in play, and the card affiliation (i.e. US, Jihadist or Unassociated) and operations value remain the same. The Event text however should be replaced with the instructions from the list below:

Special thanks to Jakub Glazik for using his considerable talents to create cards to go along with the New Events listed below. Be sure to pass along your thanks to Jakub when you run across him on BoardGameGeek! (He posts under the name “rzabcio”)Download his PDF file with card graphics here.
Event Card New Event Name New Event Description
Schroeder & Chirac Hu and Medvedev Play if US Hard. Set CHINA and RUSSIA to Soft. -1 Prestige. – REMOVE
Abu Ghurayb Bagram Play if US has Troops in AFGHANISTAN. Draw 2 cards. -2 Prestige. Shift an Ally to Neutral. – REMOVE
Zarqawi Islamic Hero May only play if CENTRAL ASIA is “Poor” (Test if necessary).
A new dynamic al-Qaeda leader emerges in CENTRAL ASIA.
If US play, then US has killed the new leader. Add +1 Prestige and shift Governance to Fair.
If Jihadist play, place a cell in CENTRAL ASIA if available, or a Cadre if a cell is not available. Roll a single die. On a result of 1-3, one WMD Plot marker is moved from the “Loose Nuke, HEU and Kazakh Strain” box (if any) to the available Plots mix. – REMOVE
Hizballah Hizballah Activates If US play, remove a cell from LEBANON or, if no Cells in LEBANON, from any other country within 3 countries of LEBANON.
If Jihadist play, place Cell and random Plot in ISRAEL. If no Cells on Funding Track, travel a Cell from any country within 3 countries of LEBANON to ISRAEL, with automatic success.
Saleh Mubarak’s Last Stand Egyptian leader fights desperately to retain power.
If US play, and EGYPT not Islamist Rule, Mubarak is successful. Shift to Ally and place 1 Aid. If EGYPT under Islamist Rule change to Poor Adversary.
If Jihadist play, Mubarak is not successful. Shift EGYPT 1 box toward Adversary (if not already Islamist Rule) and place Beseiged Regime marker. If already under Islamist Rule, -2 Prestige instead.
Hamas Elected Moroccan Uprising Test Morocco, if necessary.
If US play, then Islamist agitators have been captured and executed. +1 Prestige. Improve Governance one level.
If Jihadist play, shift one box toward Adversary and place Beseiged Regime marker. -2 Prestige and any US Troops in MOROCCO must leave as soon as possible (highest priority). – REMOVE
Al-Azhar Al-Qaradawi The “Center for Moderation” in Qatar. Improve Governance in GULF STATES by 1 level. If new governance level is now Good, -4 Funding. Otherwise -2 Funding.
Musharraf Pakistani Unrest Islamists gain influence in PAKISTAN, threatening unrest and dividing loyalties within the military.
If US play, then the military has prevailed and military rule has been restored. Improve Governance by one level and set to Ally. Remove one WMD Plot marker from the available mix (if any).
If Jihadist play, set Pakistan to Poor Neutral. Add one WMD Plot marker (from the Pakistani Arsenal) to the available Plots mix.

Victory Conditions

The victory conditions remain unchanged, except that at least one deck must be played to completion before victory can be declared. In other words, the “Sudden Death” aspect of the victory conditions are suspended for the duration of the first deck. At the end of the first deck, one player or the other may declare victory. If victory cannot be declared, the game continues, reinstating the “Sudden Death” aspect. From that point on, players may declare victory the instant their victory objectives are achieved.

Labyrinth: Better the Cards You Know (Strategy)

Labyrinth Event Cards That New Players MUST be Aware Of

Labyrinth: The War on Terror - Board Game


In every Card Driven Game, there is a certain amount of familiarity with the card deck(s) required in order to play competitively. I find this to be very true in Empire of the Sun and Hannibal to name a few great card driven board games. I find this to be less so, however, in Labyrinth than other comparable CDGs. I don’t mean to imply that you can play well having no knowledge of the deck, but that you can get by with less. And, in my opinion, this is a good thing.
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Labyrinth: Alone Against the Whirlwind (Review)

Alone Against the Whirlwind

A Review of Labyrinth’s Solitaire System

Labyrinth: The War on Terror Board Game


GMT’s recent effort, Labyrinth: The War on Terror has been getting quite a bit of table time at our gaming group on Long Island, NY, but no one here has spent much time evaluating the solitaire rules. A game that works well as a two-player “head-to-head” game and also makes a good showing as a solitaire game, is quite a score for a game design company. As game systems go, this is a difficult one to imbue with artificial intelligence because of the assymetrical nature of the contest. What’s logical, in a conventional sense, isn’t always what’s best at any given moment. An aversion to risk-taking will not serve you well in this game. Sometimes the Jihadist has just gotta go for the “Hail Mary”. It’s a tall order, yet these are the types of characteristics that a Labyrinth Artificial Intelligence (AI) system will have to exhibit. How well was GMT able to accomplish this? We shall see…

I understand that no one actually attempted to design an Artificial Intelligence engine here, but I’m just using the term because a good solitaire system should mimic player intelligence in some ways, plus it just sounds cool.

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Labyrinth: The War on Terror – Publisher Errata

Errata released by Publisher (GMT)

Rulebook Corrections

Page 6, Rule 4.8.2: Delete the words “and remove them from on top of the troop cubes”.

Page 11, Rule 8.5.3: The 1st sentence should read “The first use each turn of a card for Plot operations ignores rather than triggers any US-associated event (6.3.2).”

Page 12, Rule, 2nd Bullet: Replace “IRAN” with “Iran” and “Good or Fair” with “Good then Fair”.