Labyrinth: Solitaire Event Effects Table (Player Aid)

Player Aid – Solitaire Event Effects Table Buy “Labyrinth” from Noble Knight Games! The Labyrinth Solitaire Event Effects table lists all the Event cards that require some type of specialized handling in the solitaire version of the game. Many of these Event cards are listed near the affected flowchart, without much in the way of explanation, someContinue reading “Labyrinth: Solitaire Event Effects Table (Player Aid)”

Labyrinth: Intel Wars (Scenario)

Another (Unofficial) Scenario for Labyrinth The Situation In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks, western intelligence agencies received incontrovertible evidence of a WMD plot, in the final stages of planning, inside the United States. In addition to the military mission of capturing or killing the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, and overturning theContinue reading “Labyrinth: Intel Wars (Scenario)”

Labyrinth: Arab Street Rising (Scenario)

A New (Unofficial) 2011 Scenario For Labyrinth by Mark D., Harvey Mossman & Fred W. Manzo Overview In early 2011, popular uprisings begin to erupt all over North Africa and the Middle East as citizens fed up with decades of poor governance finally decide to take matters into their own hands. Jihadist organizations around theContinue reading “Labyrinth: Arab Street Rising (Scenario)”

Labyrinth: Better the Cards You Know (Strategy)

Labyrinth Event Cards That New Players MUST be Aware Of Overview In every Card Driven Game, there is a certain amount of familiarity with the card deck(s) required in order to play competitively. I find this to be very true in Empire of the Sun and Hannibal to name a few great card driven board games. I find thisContinue reading “Labyrinth: Better the Cards You Know (Strategy)”

Labyrinth: Alone Against the Whirlwind (Review)

Alone Against the Whirlwind A Review of Labyrinth’s Solitaire System Overview GMT’s recent effort, Labyrinth: The War on Terror has been getting quite a bit of table time at our gaming group on Long Island, NY, but no one here has spent much time evaluating the solitaire rules. A game that works well as a two-player “head-to-head”Continue reading “Labyrinth: Alone Against the Whirlwind (Review)”

Labyrinth: The War on Terror – Publisher Errata

Errata released by Publisher (GMT) Rulebook Corrections Page 6, Rule 4.8.2: Delete the words “and remove them from on top of the troop cubes”. Buy “Labyrinth” from Noble Knight Games! Page 11, Rule 8.5.3: The 1st sentence should read “The first use each turn of a card for Plot operations ignores rather than triggers any US-associated eventContinue reading “Labyrinth: The War on Terror – Publisher Errata”