Festung Breslau: A BoardgamingLife Review of Strategemata’s Game of Hitler’s Fortress City Under Siege

By Paul Comben Designer: Adam Niechwiej Publisher: Strategemata   During the October and November of 1944, the newly raised contingents of National Socialist Volkssturm gathered in halls and in city squares across Germany, collecting a variable mix of old rifles, foreign rifles, armbands and panzerfausts, swearing oaths and then parading with determined zeal for theContinue reading “Festung Breslau: A BoardgamingLife Review of Strategemata’s Game of Hitler’s Fortress City Under Siege”

Bridges Close and Far: Arnhem 44

by Russ Lockwood,   Designer: Dirk Vergauwen,    Publisher:  MDVC Games This Dutch wargame on the 1944 Arnhem campaign has a big 20×55-inch board, plastic troops, and a couple interesting mechanics. Four of us gathered to play this game: me (British/Polish airborne near Arnhem), Marc (British 30 Corp), Dan (US 82nd and 101st Airborne and supporting groundContinue reading “Bridges Close and Far: Arnhem 44”

Moscow ‘41 – A Boardgaming Life Review

By Paul Comben Designer: Emanuele Santandrea  Publisher: VentoNuovo Games There are a number of ways to describe the nature of the German Blitzkrieg, but for the purposes of this introduction to Vento Nuovo’s latest release, it is probably best described as the military equivalent of a flat-track bully.  German Blitzkrieg was fast – but, byContinue reading “Moscow ‘41 – A Boardgaming Life Review”

Blitz! Clever Design on a WW II Global Scale

By Russ Lockwood Designer: Dave LeLacheur Publisher: Compass Games To create a global WWII wargame like Blitz! A World in Conflict (Compass Games, $84, released November 2015) means you have to think big — really big. That requires some compromises in terms of physical components and mechanics. Space proved one concern. If you want toContinue reading “Blitz! Clever Design on a WW II Global Scale”


by Russ Lockwood Designer:  Florent Coupeau Publisher: Vae Victus We had been wanting to play this French import wargame, Orages a L’Est, for a while, so we finally cracked it open, popped out the counters (well, used a knife to cut out the counters), and set up the Turda 1944 game. Orages a L’Est actually hasContinue reading “FIRST LOOK: TURDA 1944”

Triumph and Tragedy – A Boardgaming Life Review

by Russ Lockwood Designer: Craig Besinque Publisher: GMT Games Leader of the UK House of Commons Neville Chamberlain strode over and kicked Prime Minster Stanley Baldwin right in the Bewdleys. As the PM bent over with a scream, Chamberlain picked up the gavel and smashed it across the back of Baldwin’s head. The PM collapsedContinue reading “Triumph and Tragedy – A Boardgaming Life Review”

Production Blocks: East Front II – A Boardgaming Life Reviev

by Russ Lockwood Publisher: Columbia Games Designers:  Craig Besinque, Tom Dalgliesh A couple of weeks ago at Phil’s, we were chatting about Columbia’s block games, comparing those we enjoyed and those, well, not. Phil mentioned he had bought a copy of East Front, Columbia’s WWII block game of Germany’s attack on the Soviet Union, putContinue reading “Production Blocks: East Front II – A Boardgaming Life Reviev”

Flawed Commander Nimitz? A BoardgamingLife Review

By Paul Comben Publisher : DVG Games http://www.dvg.com/ Let us imagine for a moment a book on the battle of Waterloo – a subject wherein, of course, we are somewhat spoilt for choice. This book, with a big portrait of the victor of Waterloo on the cover, is called something along the lines of “Wellington’sContinue reading “Flawed Commander Nimitz? A BoardgamingLife Review”