King Philip’s War: Errata as of August 2010

General Errata and Clarifications

By Multiman Publishing

This is a compilation of errata that shipped with the game, as well as some Developer (Adam Starkweather) responses taken from the ConSimWorld Forum.

  • Clarification: The terms “clear”, “open”, and “neutral” are all used in the rules to describe spaces that have neither a red nor a white ring around them.
  • Clarification for Rule 10.0: On the turn a tribe becomes active it does not receive the per-turn reinforcements on that turn – only the initial setup forces. Starting with the turn after activation, the tribe receives its per-turn reinforcements.
  • Map Clarification: The identifying color strips for the Naragansetts and Plymouth colony don’t match the counter color for the tribe/colony. The color stripes on the map for the Naragansetts should be blue, they are the darker purple; the color stripes on the map for the Plymouth spaces should be red, they appear to be more orange-sih than red.
  • Rule 12.2: The last paragraph should begin “War Bands and companies moving by river movement…”
  • Rule 13.3: The last sentence under Ambush, the final word “strength” is missing.
  • Moving Leaders: When moving leaders alone, they move just like infantry and count against your war band/ company limits.
  • Tribal Surrender: Use 13.6 for Tribal Surrender – not 14.0. Only VPs matter for this.
  • Map Correction: You get VPs when a fort is razed (per “13.8”) and not when breached (per the map).

Q: Interception – Can an Indian unit attempt to intercept an English unit that uses “Ocean Movement” and lands at a port adjacent to the Indian unit?

A: No, you can’t intercept Ocean Movement.

Q: Interception – If a War Band/Company is the target of an attack, can it intercept into a hex in another direction?

A: Nope, it can’t intercept.

Q: Evasion – Can a War Band/Company Evade into a space that has been declared the target of an enemy attack (thus becoming part of the defending force)?

A: Nope, it can’t.

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