Labyrinth: Arab Street Rising (Scenario)

A New (Unofficial) 2011 Scenario For Labyrinth by Mark D., Harvey Mossman & Fred W. Manzo Overview In early 2011, popular uprisings begin to erupt all over North Africa and the Middle East as citizens fed up with decades of poor governance finally decide to take matters into their own hands. Jihadist organizations around theContinue reading “Labyrinth: Arab Street Rising (Scenario)”

The Tide at Sunrise (Publisher Errata)

By Multiman Publishing Known Errata as of 11/23/2010 Russians must set up adjacent to the Yalu River in addition to being west of the river. If hex 0801 is Japanese controlled and the Port Arthur Fleet hasn’t been evacuated, the Port Arthur Fleet is considered destroyed and the Japanese Player is awarded 5 Victory Points.Continue reading “The Tide at Sunrise (Publisher Errata)”

Caesar XL: Review

Can Good Things Come in Small Packages? Overview Caesar XL, a board game designed by Joseph Miranda and published by Victory Point Games, is a two player contest set in the time of the Roman Civil War, from 50 BC to 44 BC. One player controls the forces of Julius Caesar and the other player controlsContinue reading “Caesar XL: Review”

Labyrinth: Better the Cards You Know (Strategy)

Labyrinth Event Cards That New Players MUST be Aware Of Overview In every Card Driven Game, there is a certain amount of familiarity with the card deck(s) required in order to play competitively. I find this to be very true in Empire of the Sun and Hannibal to name a few great card driven board games. I find thisContinue reading “Labyrinth: Better the Cards You Know (Strategy)”

Battle Line: Card Game Review

A Review of GMT’s Classic Card Game Doing the Impossible Although GMT Games is known primarily as a “war game” company, Battle Line is really just a card game with military decorations. And I don’t mean that as a criticism. Quite the contrary, Battle Line has done the impossible: it’s a game that I can actually play with myContinue reading “Battle Line: Card Game Review”