The Tide at Sunrise (Publisher Errata)

By Multiman Publishing

Known Errata as of 11/23/2010

  • Russians must set up adjacent to the Yalu River in addition to being west of the river.
  • If hex 0801 is Japanese controlled and the Port Arthur Fleet hasn’t been evacuated, the Port Arthur Fleet is considered destroyed and the Japanese Player is awarded 5 Victory Points.
  • All transport deductions for any source are for that turn only. No losses carry over to following turns.
  • The Vladivostok Fleet must sortie first if both Russian Fleets are going to sortie this turn.
  • Should the Russian Player roll as “12” on the Port Arthur Sortie Table and get the result “Conversion Allowed”, this allows him to place the Naval Infantry immediately in a Russian-controlled Port Arthur hex and he may continue to sortie normally on future turns.

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