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The Tide at Sunrise – Taking Down Port Arthur (Strategy)

A Japanese Tactical Plan for Taking Down Port Arthur in “The Tide at Sunrise”

By Bob Zmaczynski

The Tide at Sunrise Board Game


If you subscribe to the theory that Japanese success in The Tide at Sunrise is dependent on how quickly Port Arthur falls, the next question is, “So, how do you take down Port Arthur quickly?” This article presents an unorthodox (some might say “unethical”) Japanese tactical plan for hastening Port Arthur’s demise.
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The Tide at Sunrise: Naval Rules (Review)

Review of the Optional Naval Rules in “The Tide at Sunrise”

The Tide at Sunrise Naval Rules

The Tide at Sunrise, a recent board game release from Multiman Publishing covering the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05, has quite a following among war gamers, myself included. In the standard rules, the entire Naval aspect of the war is totally abstracted out to a set of “Naval Combat Tables”. Japan has one Fleet and Russia has two Fleets: Port Arthur and Vladivostok. Using the Naval Combat Tables, the best case scenario for Japan would be total destruction of both Russian Fleets accompanied by an award of 7 Victory Points. The worst case scenario for Japan would be repeated loss of up to 50% of available Transport Points each turn, follow by a loss of 5 Victory Points if the Russian Port Arthur Fleet ultimately escapes to Vladivostok.
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The Tide at Sunrise (Publisher Errata)

By Multiman Publishing

Known Errata as of 11/23/2010

  • Russians must set up adjacent to the Yalu River in addition to being west of the river.
  • If hex 0801 is Japanese controlled and the Port Arthur Fleet hasn’t been evacuated, the Port Arthur Fleet is considered destroyed and the Japanese Player is awarded 5 Victory Points.
  • All transport deductions for any source are for that turn only. No losses carry over to following turns.
  • The Vladivostok Fleet must sortie first if both Russian Fleets are going to sortie this turn.
  • Should the Russian Player roll as “12” on the Port Arthur Sortie Table and get the result “Conversion Allowed”, this allows him to place the Naval Infantry immediately in a Russian-controlled Port Arthur hex and he may continue to sortie normally on future turns.