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Hard Knocks: Alsace 1945 Scenario 1

A BoardgamimgLife After action Report

by Russ Lockwood

DesignerBrian L. Knipple
ArtistPeggy Gordon, Terry Moore Strickland
PublisherAvalanche Press Ltd.

                I bought this Avalanche Press wargame of WWII — covering attack and counterattack in southeastern France circa late 1944-early 1945 — a few years ago in an HMGS flea market. It looked good, it was small, and it was unpunched. Since then, I carried it around from time to time to open gaming at concentions and basements, but never quite found the time to pop out the counters — until a recent Tuesday afternoon.

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Bridges Close and Far: Arnhem 44

by Russ Lockwood,   Designer: Dirk Vergauwen,    Publisher:  MDVC Games

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This Dutch wargame on the 1944 Arnhem campaign has a big 20×55-inch board, plastic troops, and a couple interesting mechanics. Four of us gathered to play this game: me (British/Polish airborne near Arnhem), Marc (British 30 Corp), Dan (US 82nd and 101st Airborne and supporting ground troops behind 30 Corp), and Rory (Germans).

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