Vietnam: 1965-1975 Search & Destroy

Search & Destroy Operations in Vietnam: 1965-1975

Based on conversations with fellow gamers, I think that Victory Games 1980s title Vietnam: 1965-1975 has gotten miscategorized as an ultra-complex war game. Whenever I would suggest it to the group, I’d get the same eye-rolling reaction, “Uhhhhhhh-ohhhhhhhh…. not that game.”. While it’s true that the game has many, many moving parts, the heart and soul of the operational component, the Search & Destroy operation, is not terribly complex.

This “How-To” article will take you on a guided tour of a typical American Search & Destroy operation.

The Third World War: Battle for Germany Board Game


The Third World War: Battle for Germany is part of a series of GDW games that postulated a world wide war between America and the Soviet Union in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s. I had seen this game over the years in gaming stores, magazine articles, eBay, etc, and it always looked interesting to me. Finally, a friend brought the game to my house and we decided to give it a shot.