Moscow ‘41 – A Boardgaming Life Review

This game gives and it takes away.  What do I mean?  Well, just by looking at the map and the full game’s very first impulse pairing, we see that the German player has a great deal he or she can feel pretty superior about…only it all comes with subtle or blatant provisos, limitations, hindrances…as well as enraged Russians or partly bewildered Russians getting in the way.

Dien Bien Phu: The Final Gamble

This is a siege game which represents the defense of an airstrip by the  equivalent of a  French division against more than three Viet Minh infantry divisions supported by nine artillery battalions.   The setting is a valley located in the highlands near the border between Vietnam and Laos in 1954.  The game is divided into 21 turns, each of which represents three days.  If the French have not surrendered at the end of the last turn, the French player wins.  If they have surrendered, the Viet Minh player wins.

The Year 1813 and “The Struggle of Nations” Comments on the Campaign and a Kevin Zucker Design

By the commencement of the 1813 campaign season, it seemed, at least at first glance, that Napoleon had achieved the impossible.  By any one of a number of measures, he had rebuilt the numerical strength of the forces he could command to the point where they outnumbered the coalition armies currently reaching across eastern and central Germany.  But, to a considerable extent, this was a delusion.

The Last Spike- a BoardgamingLife Review

In the game, players compete to accumulate money from land speculation out West where railroads are due to be built. This differs very much from the railroad building genre popular in eurogame circles where building the rail line is paramount and moving commodities is profitable.  In this game your goal is to buy the land where the railroad track would be laid and profit when the track is actually completed between 2 cities.  There is no product to move and no cargoes to be managed.

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